Oct/Nov Reports

These last few months the bite has been on fire here with redhot speckle trout fishing in the creeks.Spin anglers had some really good days in the creeks having 30+ fish days throwing soft plastics.DOA shrimps, Trout tricks, Voodoo shrimps, and Miro dines have been producing the best with some nice fish being caught in the last few weeks in the 17-23inch range.Lets hope it doesn't get to cold this winter so we dont have a kill off.Fly anglers using a sinking line had the most success with heavey weighted clouser in grey/white, chart/white, and elec/chick.

Sight fishing for redfish on the flats has pick up in the last month with some large schools starting to form up with the cooler water temps.Spin anglers have been doing well throwing soft plastics such as DOA Jerk & CAL baits and the last few weeks the top water bite has been strong with spooks and skitter walks.Fly anglers have been crushing it with crabby shrimp patterns in darker colors with some good top water action on gurglers with the right conditions.

Here's just a few client pics from the last couple weeks!

IMG 6548
IMG 6546
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